Application for C2C Fellows Workshop 2013-2014
C2C Fellows believes that young leaders in business and politics can change the world. We believe that you have the passion, vision, and energy to create lasting change. We believe in the power of you. 
C2C Fellows is designed for young people who want to change the world by the time they are thirty.  Our weekend sustainability leadership workshops teach the leadership skills you need to succeed, such as how to: raise money, tell your story, build your network, pitch your idea, and know what you’re good at. 

Admission to our workshops is limited, and applications are accepted on a rolling-basis. The admission fee of $30 ($20 for SMHEC members, IL) includes all program materials and most food. If you are traveling more than 90 minutes to attend the IL training, we will also arrange free/low cost housing for you, if necessary. If you live within an hour of your workshop location and are willing to host a visiting C2C Fellow, you attend for free (see below)! Once we review your application, we will be in touch with more information about these and other workshop logistics. 

To apply, please answer both of the following questions in short-essay format. Please be sure to answer the entire questions. If you prefer, you may answer the questions on video. There is a place to attach your answers (as a word document, PDF, or URL link) in the application below. 
1. What sustainability challenge keeps you up at night, and why? Do you worry more, less or the same about this issue as you do about the fact that more than two and a half billion people live on less than two dollars a day? More, less or the same than you worry about racism, sexism and homophobia? In each case, why?
2. Suppose that you could wave a magic wand and, at age 26 (or 5 years from now), find yourself: 
           - The CEO of a green business, with 1,000 employees; or
           - A member of Congress representing 1 million citizens in Washington.

Which of these jobs would you like doing better? What would you like and dislike about the two positions? What different job would you want to be doing instead, and why?
You must also attach your resume below. If you do not have a resume, please work with the career office on your campus to create one before applying. 

C2C values diversity of thought. We seek people with different interests, life experiences, political starting points, and geographical and cultural backgrounds. Feel free to express your interests in our essays. We're excited to meet you!
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        Florida 2014:  University of Florida, March 21- 23, 2014 CLOSED
        Chicago (IL) 2014:  Moraine Valley Community College, April 25-27, 2014


      • Attend C2C for FREE! If you live within an hour of the workshop location and are willing to host a visiting Fellow, check this box. We'll waive your registration fee.