Application for C2C Fellows Follow-Up Training Scholarships, 2012-2013
DEADLINE: March 29th, 2013

C2C Fellows is proud to offer two scholarships to currenC2C Fellows to continue their leadership training at follow-up workshops with
Wellstone Action and Starting Bloc!

Starting Bloc offers a week long training workshop that focuses on social innovation. They are reserving one spot at the 2013 New York Institute training in Manhattan, June 6-10th, for a C2C Fellow! The C2C scholarship will cover the entire tuition cost of the weekend which includes speakers, food, space, and receptions. Additionally, it will cover up to $300 of your transportation/housing costs. Read more about the program

Wellstone Action offers a 2.5 day intensive and energizing training program for progressive political action called Camp Wellstone. They offer three tracks: (1) Electoral Campaigns: Tools and Tactics for Success, (2) Citizen Activism: Grassroots Advocacy and Organizing, and (3) Being a Candidate: How to Run and Win a Progressive Campaign. There are multiple upcoming workshops scheduled and currently being planned: check out the current list of upcoming workshops. The C2C scholarship will cover registration and some, if not all, of travel and lodging costs. Read more about Camp Wellstone here.

How to apply:
Practice your story-telling by submitting a short and concise (3 minutes maximum) video (preferred) or a 900 word maximum essay that explains why you want to attend either a Wellstone Action or Starting Bloc leadership training workshop. Submit two seperate videos/essays if you'd like to apply for both scholarships. 

For StartingBloc, be sure to address the following questions:
1) What do you hope to gain from the StartingBloc Fellowship? How will the Fellowship help you to achieve your goals?
2) The StartingBloc Fellowship is a diverse community, with Fellows coming from a variety of sectors and backgrounds. How will you contribute to this community?

For Wellstone Action, be sure to make it clear which of the 3 tracks you're most interested in and what you hope to achieve through attending Camp Wellstone. 

Applicant requirements:
You must have completed one weekend C2C Fellows workshop since the inception of the program.
You must commit to writing a blog about your experience if you are chosen to participate in these trainings. 

Best of luck! Winners of both scholarships will be announced on April 1st. Contact Jess with any questions!
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