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  • Program Description

    VCU Globe is a living-learning program housed in West Grace North Residence Hall that includes coursework with a global focus, co-curricular activities, community service, and leadership preparation. Accepted students begin the program in the second semester of their freshmen year with an orientation course. VCU Students complete program coursework in their sophomore and junior years, and can participate in an optional applied experience in their senior year. After satisfactory completion of all program requirements, participants will earn a certificate in Global Education. The goal of the program is to prepare undergraduates to live and work in the globally-interdependent 21st century.


    1. To be eligible to apply for this program, you must be a full-time, first or second-semester freshman in good academic standing.
    2. Students enrolled in ASPiRE are not eligible.

    Application Components

    A complete application consists of:
    1. online application
    2. two essay responses
    The application does not need to be completed all at once. You may save it and return, but you will not be considered for admission until you submit a completed application.

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  • Student Demographic Information

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  • Student Academic Information
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  • Extracurricular Involvement
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  • Guidelines for Essay Questions

    1. Contact information: Include your name and e-mail on each page.
    2. Format: Word Document. Include the question to which you are responding.
    3. Length: Responses should be approximately 250 words each, not including the question.
    4. Font: 12 point - Times New Roman

    Essay Questions

    1. Why do you want to participate in VCU Globe: A Global Education Living-Learning Community, and how will earning a certificate in Global Education assist in your education and career preparation?
    2. What personal characteristics, knowledge, skills and/or experiences do you have that will facilitate your success in engaging with individuals who are different from you in the campus, local, and global communities?
  • Essay Attachment
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    • If accepted, I will

      1. Participate in all aspects of the program: residential, academic, and co-curricular
      2. Live in West Grace North residence hall during my participation in the program, beginning in the fall semester after the Introduction to VCU Globe course. If at any point, I do not continue as a VCU Globe participant, I will honor my housing contract and understand that every attempt will be made to move me to non-VCU Globe program housing.
      3. Remain in good academic standing for the duration of the program.
      4. Represent VCU and VCU Globe in an ethical and professional manner.
    • * Upon successful submission of application, you will receive an email confirmation.