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  • Application for Undergraduate Admission
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    • 11400 Concordia University Dr., Austin, TX 78726

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    By law, Concordia cannot require applicants to provide their social security number. However, withholding the social security number will delay financial aid processes and your access to Concordia transcripts upon transfer or graduation. We store your SSN in our database in an encrypted state for your security. CTX is committed to keeping information private. Applicant information will in no way be shared, sold, or used in any fashion other than what is necessary for admission to CTX.

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  • Application Information
    • * The Texas State Senate Bill 1107 was signed into law in summer 2011.  This legislation requires that all college or university students under the age of 22, whether they are full-time or part-time, receive the meningitis vaccine.  Meningococcal disease is a rare, but potentially fatal bacterial infection commonly referred to as meningitis.  It strikes a few thousand Americans each year and is responsible for approximately 150 to 300 deaths.  Because of this new legislation, Concordia University Texas now requires that all students provide verification that they have a current meningitis vaccination (current is defined as having received the vaccination within the past five years) or provide a current exemption form. Please visit Concordia.edu/Vaccine for instructions on complying with this law. If you have any further questions about meningitis or the vaccine, please contact the Student Services Office at 512-313-4302.

  • Pre Nursing Information
    • Thank you for selecting Pre-Nursing as your major. As with most Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs, students must apply for admission to the Concordia School of Nursing after completing (or being in the final semester of completing) general courses and specific nursing prerequisites courses. The Concordia School of Nursing program is highly competitive. Students that have completed the prerequisites at Concordia do have an advantage over those transferring in, however no student is guaranteed admission to the program.

      The School of Nursing application process requires letters of recommendation, successful completion of the nursing prerequisites, completion of the TEAS-V test, some experience in the healthcare industry, and an essay. For detailed requirements and minimum qualifications, please visit the School of Nursing admissions page.

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    • Please request an official transcript from your high school. An official transcript is one that comes directly from the school to Concordia University Texas in a sealed envelope and is marked "Official". If you have not yet graduated, a final transcript showing a graduation date must be requested before classes begin in your first semester.

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  • Dual Credit
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  • Advanced Placement Coursework
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  • Extracurricular Activities
    • Please list the extracurricular activities you regularly participate in (School and Church) and any leadership positions you have held or currently hold. List any awards/honors you have received for participating in these activities.

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    • Extracurricular Interests
      Advising Club
      Association for Computing Machinery
      Astronomy Club
      Baseball Sweethearts
      Behavioral Sciences Club
      Biology Club
      Communication Club
      Concordia Youth Ministry Team (CYMT)
      Director of Christian Education (DCE) Club
      Education Club
      Fellowship of Christian Athletes
      Financial Management Association
      Helping Hands
      History Club
      Intramurals (Non Competitive Club Sports)
      Mission work
      Pre-Seminary Club
      Psychology Club
      Sigma Beta Delta
      Society for Human Resource Management
      Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
      Student Government and Leadership Association (SGLA)
      Student Nursing Association (SNA)
      The Mullet (Student Newspaper)
      The Executives (Business Club)
      Tornado Dining Club
      Tornado Radio
      Music interests
      University Choir
      Jazz Ensemble
      Vocal Jazz
      String Orchestra
      Brass Ensemble
      Woodwind Ensemble
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    • The information you provide in the fields below will be the primary information used for communication directly with your parent or guardian.  Communication regarding your application status will be directed to the personal email you provided at the beginning of the application. To add information for another parent  or guardian, please select "Add Another Response" below.

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  • Alumni Information
    If you are related to an alumni of Concordia University Texas, please tell us more information about him or her.
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  • Financial Aid
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  • Financial Aid
    • Please indicate if either you or a parent have been a Texas resident for the last 12 months.

    • FAFSA Federal School Code: 003557

      STUDENT CERTIFICATION STATEMENT: By signing this application, I certify that:

      1. The information submitted on all financial assistance documents is true to the best of my knowledge and that any changes to my financial situation including application for private or direct-to-consumer educational loans will be reported to the Office of Student Financial Services. 
      2. I do not owe a refund on any grant or loan. I am not in Default on any loan or have made satisfactory arrangements to repay any defaulted loan, and have not borrowed in excess of the loan limits, under Title IV programs, at any institution.
      3. I will not receive a Federal Pell Grant for more than one school for the same period of time. I will use Title IV (Federal) money received only for expenses related to my study at Concordia University Texas. If I choose to withdraw, I will immediately inform Student Financial Services of my decision.
      4. The Office of Student Financial Services of Concordia University Texas has my permission to discuss my financial assistance documents with, and provide necessary academic information to, public or recognized private agencies considering me for financial assistance. In addition, I acknowledge that any grants or loans that may be awarded to me will be credited to my tuition account via an Electronic Funds Transfer system.
      5. I authorize Concordia University Texas to satisfy current year charges for tuition, fees, room and board, and additional charges incurred for educationally related activities with the financial aid award I have accepted and understand that one semester’s financial aid may be used to cover a prior or future semester within the same award year. I also authorize Concordia University Texas to pay for minor prior-year charges if necessary including educationally related activities other than tuition, fees, room and board up to $200.
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    • Please request your documents to be sent to Concordia as soon as possible:

      Freshman are required to submit an official high school transcript and the results of either an ACT or SAT test in order to be evaluated for admission.

      Send all official transcripts and test scores to:

      Concordia University Texas
      Office of Admissions Processing
      11400 Concordia University Dr.
      Austin, TX 78726

      If you are younger than 22, please remember that state law requires you to submit either a vaccination record showing that you have received the Meningitis Vaccine within the last five years, or a signed exemption form, which should be sent to admissions@concordia.edu or mailed to the address above.

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